The specialist lawyers for family law and inheritance law at Schneider Stein & Partner are featured in publications, the general press and regularly in the Focus list. As a law firm for private clients, we are also regularly featured in the best lists of STERN and CAPITAL.

Information on the Focus list

In a comprehensive survey, FOCUS has identified a selection of legal specialists in seven areas of law to provide guidance in the search for a lawyer.

Activities in the professional world


On behalf of FOCUS, the Institute for German and European Legal History at the University of Münster compiled a comprehensive publication index.

The following were analysed

  • the most important legal journals in the respective field of law,
  • legal textbooks,
  • Standard comments.

The study analysed the publishing activities of lawyers in the period from 1995 to the end of 1999.

Speaker activity

The study analysed the lecturing activities of lawyers at seminars and events as part of continuing professional development for lawyers. The period analysed covers the past three years.

Reputation as a lawyer . .

. . . with colleagues

In-depth interviews were conducted with lawyers throughout Germany for all legal areas analysed.

The interviewees were:

  • the lawyers who were identified on the basis of their publication or speaker activities,
  • Specialist lawyers or lawyers specialising in the areas of law. The sample was determined by a stratified random selection; it takes into account the regional distribution of the legal profession.

The lawyers were asked to name particularly recommendable colleagues in the respective area of law. All mentions of lawyers from the law firm of the respondent were not taken into account. The results of the interviews were carefully recorded and documented. A total of 2047 interviews were successfully conducted. The lawyers consulted made a total of 16,312 recommendations.

. . . for mandates

FOCUS spoke to more than 500 national and regional organisations representing the interests of clients in the respective areas of law. They were asked which lawyers enjoy a special reputation among them due to their legal forensic and advisory work. The often conflicting legal interests of the parties involved in the proceedings were explicitly taken into account, for example in public construction law the side of the building owners and investors and that of the neighbours. A total of over 3200 recommendations for lawyers were made.

law firms in Germany:
Lone fighters predominantly

Around 106,000 lawyers offer their services in Germany; in relation to the population, there is on average one lawyer for every 773 inhabitants. Most lawyers run their law firms alone. Only just over four per cent of lawyers work in so-called large law firms.

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