Our clerks

Our employees work closely with the lawyers and handle a wide range of tasks for our clients. Our clerks are paralegals, and three of them have acquired an additional qualification as certified legal specialists. All of our employees are familiar with the specific problems and needs that arise when dealing with inheritance and family law mandates and are therefore often the first "point of contact" for our clients, who usually quickly appreciate the commitment and expertise of "their" clerk.

We are in the fortunate position that many of our employees have been with us since their training and we - as well as our clients - benefit from their knowledge and experience as well as trusting teamwork.

The clerks are supported by a typist, three office assistants, our trainees and our reception staff.

Edeltraud Sixtus-Walther
Legal specialist

Mrs Sixtus-Walther has been the head of the office for many years and is the main clerk at Lawyer Ueckerand from Lawyer Dr Dittmann and Lawyer Freifrau von Hoyningen-Huene. In the midst of all her busy office work, she always has an open ear for the concerns of her clients.

Henrike Bakenhus, Office Management

Henrike Bakenhus
Law firm management

Ms Bakenhus is responsible for personnel administration and organisational processes in the office. She is the first point of contact for employees' concerns.

Vanessa Hepfer
Legal specialist

Mrs Hepfer trained at Schneider Stein & Partner and successfully passed the specialist employee examination. Since then she has worked as a clerk for Lawyer Uecker, Lawyer Dr Dittmann and Lawyer Freifrau von Hoyningen-Huene. Her heart beats (also) for HSV.

Nathalie Maciejewski

Mrs Maciejewski supports the department of Dr Tomfort. Apart from her clients, she is always kept on the move by her children.

Emira Brkic-Matric

Mrs Brkic-Matric is your contact person for family matters in the departments of lawyers Inga Keller, Peter Leßmann, Dr Pia Maria Maretzke and Dr Luise Stelldinger. Ms Brkic-Matric spends her free time helping her fellow human beings and is - in keeping with the legal field - a family person.

Angela Kruska

Mrs Kruska writes many of our dictations and supports the clerks in all areas of our office. When she is not looking after clients, she enjoys going for long walks.

Photo - Nadine Schramm

Nadine Schramm

Mrs Schramm has been with Schneider Stein und Partner since 2002 and is your contact in the department of Lawyer Vinnen and for inheritance law matters in the department of Lawyer Ostertag and for the department of Attorney Franke.
She likes to infect her colleagues with her cheerful nature. In addition to her work, she enjoys looking after her home and family.

Corinna Schwarz
Office employee

Mrs Schwarz works as a clerk in the area of Lawyer Uecker, Lawyer Dr Dittmann and Lawyer Freifrau von Hoyningen-Huene and is a Hamburg native.

Dagmar Horn

Mrs Horn looks after Lawyer Wucherpfennig and has his back as a clerk. In addition to her job and family, she especially loves her dogs.

Jennifer Wylenzek

Mrs Wylenzek works as a clerk in the departments of the Lawyers Schönborn and Menzdorf-Kühn committed. Outside of work, she is committed to helping her fellow human beings.

Manuela Hellmann

Mrs Hellmann works as a clerk in the department of Lawyer Uecker, Lawyer Dr Dittmann and Lawyer Freifrau von Hoyningen-Huene active.
In her free time, she looks after her cats and enjoys going to concerts and festivals. For her, Wacken is not just a village in Schleswig-Holstein.

Cornelia Heberle

Mrs Heberle supports the department of Lawyer Uecker and Lawyer Dr Dittmann and Lawyer Freifrau von Hoyningen-Huene.
In her private life, she loves travelling by motorbike, the flowers and plants in her garden and spending time with her grandchildren.

Daniela Faber

Mrs Faber works as a clerk for Lawyer Morschhäuser as well as in the inheritance law departments of Lawyer Vinnen and Lawyer Ostertag. She also supports other departments as required. Her private passions are amateur theatre and furniture painting.

Julia Sonnenschein

Ms Sonnenschein joined Schneider Stein und Partner in 2021 as an office assistant in the area of Mrs Melanie Franke, lawyer in Kiel.
She successfully completed her law degree in 2023 and is now also supporting the department as a research assistant.
She lives up to her name with her manner.
Outside of work, she enjoys spending time on the hockey pitch and going for walks.

Britta Schulz
Paralegal and notary's assistant

Mrs Schulz is in the department of Lawyer Dr Oldenburger and keeps her back free as a clerk. When she's not working, she enjoys hiking, skiing and cycling.

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