Divorce lawyer in Hamburg

Legal advice in divorce law is a central field of work of the law firm Schneider Stein & Partner with offices in Hamburg and Kiel. It is particularly important to us to be at our clients' side. Our family law specialists will guide and accompany you through the (legal) challenges associated with personal changes.

Avoid long divorce proceedings

Protracted family court disputes are avoided wherever possible, as years of litigation are not only cost-intensive but also psychologically stressful for our clients. We focus on taking control of the situation together with you instead of letting it slip out of your hands. Every single family law specialist in our firm has many years of experience and, if necessary, is supported by our entire team - which also includes former family court judges.

Competent specialised lawyers for family law will advise you in the event of a separation

We advise you on the requirements and consequences of a divorce before it is initiated. We put you in a position to judge from a legal perspective whether and, if so, when a divorce petition should be filed. As lawyers specialising in family law, we will of course consider your entire family law situation. Our clients receive an overview of the important issues of maintenance, matrimonial property law (equalisation of gains), custody, pension equalisation and other issues. Tax issues can also be clarified via our law firm's legal network.

Legal representation before the family court by experienced family law specialists

The family court order often creates very far-reaching changes to the factual and legal circumstances. Our divorce lawyers will represent you in the divorce proceedings and work with you to clarify how the consequences of separation and divorce are to be settled. In doing so, we endeavour to reach the most amicable and comprehensive arrangements possible. If this is not successful, we will effectively pursue your interests in court. Every family law specialist at Schneider Stein & Partner is an accomplished and experienced representative of your interests in court. We represent you at family courts and higher regional courts throughout Germany.

Why do we offer counselling in all phases of a relationship?

Even before entering into a marriage, you should seek advice in order to recognise the far-reaching legal effects associated with the marriage. This is the only way to clarify whether legal consequences of a marriage that deviate from the law should be regulated by a marriage contract.

When two people dissolve a marriage, there are often a multitude of tasks to overcome. There are often misconceptions, and mistakes are often made during the separation period that are difficult to correct. It is therefore advantageous to seek advice at an early stage from a divorce lawyer, or even better, a specialist family law lawyer. If possible, such counselling should even take place before the separation. Long before the court order (formerly judgement) dissolving the marriage, the so-called divorce, there are important periods in which the course can still be set.

In principle, the legislator distinguishes between three periods in marriage law.
Initially, there is an intact marital partnership. This is followed by the period of separation and finally the post-divorce phase. Each of these periods is regulated by law, with different legal claims and divorce consequences for each.
The calculation of claims - in particular maintenance claims - and their enforcement in court also depend on careful legal scrutiny of the periods mentioned. This is sometimes a difficult task for experienced family law specialists.
From a legal perspective, the time of divorce therefore marks the beginning of the final phase. It may then already be too late to organise things. You should therefore contact a competent family law specialist at an early stage.

Alternative routes to divorce?

The main case of divorce provided for by law is the dissolution of marriage through death. There is also divorce and the special case of annulment of marriage.
Legislative ideas to establish an out-of-court divorce for childless marriages at the notary or registry office have always been rejected.

The family courts do not offer the option of an online divorce. Due to the far-reaching consequences of a divorce (including social security, tax and inheritance law), you should prioritise careful, personal advice and, if necessary, representation of your legal interests. Issues often seem simple because problems are overlooked - subsequent clarification is then time-consuming and expensive.

Divorce by mutual consent

If there are no legal conflicts between the spouses, the divorce can be carried out by mutual agreement in such a way that only one of the spouses is represented by a lawyer and files the divorce petition through their lawyer. The other spouse then agrees to the application. The costs can be divided internally by agreement between the spouses. Overall, this results in lower costs than representation by two lawyers.

Of course, we are also available to represent you in court in the event of an amicable divorce. As problems often arise in the context of an amicable divorce when implementing pension equalisation, our family law specialists are also available to you as advisors in the event of an amicable divorce.

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