Mediation for family law and inheritance law in Hamburg

Mediation is a Out-of-court mediation procedure for the amicable settlement of conflicts. We offer mediation in the areas of family law and inheritance law.
A neutral third party, the mediator, supports the conflicting parties in working out an independent solution to their dispute within the framework of a structured process.

Aim of the Mediation is the conclusion of a legally binding agreement.

Experience has shown that agreements reached by the parties themselves last longer because, unlike court decisions, they leave no winners or losers. Particularly in the area of Family lawe.g. with Separation and Divorce which also affects children, it makes sense to do everything possible to Children continue to have relationships with both parents. This is more successful if the consequences of separation are resolved fairly, with mutual respect and self-respect, even at a time of serious conflict and disagreement.

Also in the area of Inheritance law mediation is a sensible solution that can avoid protracted legal disputes, which are not uncommon in this area of law.

Our office is also home to the local branch of the German Arbitration for Inheritance Disputes e.V.

The Mediation procedure usually extends over 5 to 10 sessions lasting one to two hours. In certain constellations or in narrowly defined conflicts (e.g. only on one part of the dispute), only one - but longer - appointment may be appropriate.

The fee for mediation is agreed individually and is usually based on the time spent.

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