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Your law firm for family and inheritance law in Hamburg and Kiel

A divorce or a dispute over inheritance is a major emotional burden. It not only cuts families apart, but also involves many legal and economic uncertainties and risks.

The specialist lawyers for family law and the specialist lawyers for inheritance law at our law firm deal with inheritance and family law problems, e.g. in relation to maintenance, equalisation of gains, pension equalisation, compulsory portions and testamentary capacity, on a daily basis. In out-of-court negotiations and in court proceedings, we focus on the consistent enforcement of our clients' rights.

However, we also offer you the option of mediation, which aims to find an amicable solution to the conflict as part of an out-of-court settlement. With the support of a mediator, the parties are strengthened in their ability to find a mutually beneficial solution on their own. The firm's mediators are characterised by empathy, authenticity, appreciation of the conflicting parties and systemic thinking. Particularly in the case of a separation that also affects children, it is advantageous to find the most amicable solution possible with regard to custody and access rights.

Out-of-court dispute resolution can also have many advantages in inheritance law conflicts (e.g. inheritance disputes, compulsory portion or contestation of wills) and save all parties involved a lot of money, time and psychological stress

Adoptions, the drafting of a marriage contract or the drawing up of a will are among our fields of activity. If necessary, we are happy to co-operate with external specialists such as accountants, tax advisors, notaries and other advisors to our clients.

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