Dr Sven Tomfort, specialist lawyer for family law and specialist lawyer for inheritance law

Dr Sven Tomfort
Specialist lawyer for family law and specialist lawyer for inheritance law

  • Born 1972 in Hamburg
  • After leaving school in 1992, vocational training as a bank clerk in Hamburg
  • Subsequently authorised signatory of a property management company in Greifswald
  • 1995 Studied law in Greifswald and Hamburg and spent time abroad in Spain/San Sebastian
  • 1st state examination with an elective specialisation in family and inheritance law in Hamburg and subsequent doctorate in Hamburg on the subject of inheritance law "Reasons for the withdrawal of compulsory portions and their constitutionality"
  • From 2002 legal clerkship in the district of the OLG Bremen with station at the law firm Schneider Stein & Partner
  • Joined the firm as a lawyer in February 2005
  • Specialist lawyer for family law since 2008
  • Specialist author for the journal Familie Partnerschaft Recht (FPR)
  • Specialist lawyer for inheritance law since 2010
  • Partner since 2013

Foreign language

  • English


  • Hamburg Bar Association
  • Working group on family law in the German Bar Association


Judgement reviews:

  • OLG Celle 5 U 138/09, No household management damage in the case of non-marital cohabitation, in FamFR 2009, p. 72
  • Higher Regional Court Saarbrücken 6 WF 129/09, Recognition of repayments in child maintenance, in FamFR 2010, p. 109
  • OLG Düsseldorf 8 UF 165/09, Limitation of sickness maintenance despite post-marital solidarity in FamFR 2010, p. 227
  • OLG Hamm 2 UF 8/10, Increased earning obligation and notional crediting of income in child maintenance for parents without vocational training, in FamFR 2010, p. 420
  • OLG Dresden 23 UF 500/10, Reinstatement in appeal proceedings due to incomplete information on legal remedies, in FamFR 2011 , p. 89
  • Higher Regional Court Cologne, Determination of the value in dispute in the event of an interim order for the surrender of pets between divorced spouses, in FamFR 2011, p. 208
  • OLG Celle, 10 WF 109/11, Assignment of a lawyer in proceedings to determine entitlement to child benefit, in FamFR 2011, p. 255
  • OLG Düsseldorf 7 UF 1/11, Priority of the second wife after turning away from the three-part method, in FamFR 2011, p. 394
  • OLG Hamm 10 UF 154/11, Referral back in the event of failure to hold a hearing in family cases, in FamFR 2012, 235
  • OLG Brandenburg 9 WF 90/11 Offsetting saved expenses for living with a new partner as income, in FamFR 2012, p. 441
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