CLP lawyers

Representation in CLP proceedings is handled by our lawyers Dr Pia-Maria Maretzke, Dr Luise Stelldinger and Britta Schönborn offered.

The task of the lawyers in CLP proceedings is to provide the respective clients with comprehensive legal advice and to support and represent them in the development of an out-of-court and amicable solution through a conflict resolution-orientated approach.

In CLP proceedings, the CLP lawyers are responsible for the course and structure of the proceedings. This is done in cooperation with the CLP lawyer of the other party to the dispute when organising and adhering to the structure of the proceedings and conducting the discussions.

The special feature of the CLP procedure is that the respective CLP lawyers act on behalf of their own clients, while at the same time maintaining a view of the entire conflict. The role of the CLP lawyers in reaching an amicable solution requires understanding and incorporating the views and interests of the other party/parties to the conflict.

This procedure and the joint meetings are discussed and prepared in detail with the respective clients in advance.

In order to support the procedure necessary for the proceedings and the focus on achieving a solution within the framework of the proceedings, representation in CLP proceedings is expressly limited to these proceedings. The lawyers representing the client in the CLP proceedings will therefore not continue to represent the client if the CLP proceedings fail and are followed by litigation.

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