Execution of will

Execution of wills in Hamburg

We have special qualifications in the area of the execution of wills, both Lawyer Vinnen (Specialist lawyer for inheritance law) as well as Ralf Oberländer, a tax consultant working with us in this area, are certified executors (AGT). By executing your will, they ensure that your last wishes are carried out, sometimes for many years.
The protection of future generations and the (company) assets created or the support of (minor) heirs through external expertise are just a few examples of the numerous constellations that may require the appointment of an executor with integrity and competence.

In addition to the execution of wills, our executors advise on how the office can be exercised correctly and effectively.

Since 2011, we have expanded our will execution activities in the Schneider Stein & Partner executors of wills bundled, visit us there at www.testamentsmanagement.de.

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