The specialist lawyers for family law and inheritance law of the law firm Schneider, Stein and Partners are represented in publications, the general press and regularly in the Focus list.

Information about the Focus-List

How the FOCUS-ANWALTSLISTE (list of lawyers) was created:

The German magazin “Focus” did extensive research to find lawyers who specialize in several fields of law to help people to find a qualified lawyer.

Activities in the profession


The “Institut für Deutsche und Europäische Rechtsgeschichte der Universität Münster” drew an extensive publishing index.

They analized

  • the most important legal journals
  • the most important specialist ooks on law
  • the standart commentaries.

The publishing of the lawyers from 1995 until the end of 1999 have been analized.

Teaching activity

The teaching activities of the lawyers in seminars and meetings concerning the professional training have been analized for the past three years.

Reputation as a lawyer . . .

. . . by colleagues

For all fields of specialization lawyers all over Germany were intensively interviewed.

They asked

  • those lawyers who have been found over their publishing- or teaching activities,
  • certified specialists or lawyers with a main field of activity in a special field of law. The random sampling has been selected by chance and with regard to the regional spreading of the legal profession.

The lawyers have been asked to name especially recommendable colleagues of the prevailing field of law. Colleagues of the own office could not be namend. The results have been carefully protocolled and documented. In total 2047 lawyers have been consulted. The lawyers gave 16 312 recommendations in total.

. . . by clients

FOCUS talked to more than 500 national and regional communities of interests of clients.They were asked which lawyers enjoy a good reputation with these organisations because of their work. 3200 recommendations have been given in total.