Who we are

Family Law deals with especially sensitive issues that can have life-long emotional and financial effects. It is a specialized area of law, requiring specific training in negotiation and litigation skills, taxation, property and business evaluation, as well as a knowledge of constantly changing rules and procedures. Often you will find it necessary to contact a specialist lawyer to cope with these problems.

Family and Probate Law has been the traditional field of activity of the Hamburg Law Office Schneider Stein & Partner for many decades. The Law Office was founded in 1955 by the lawyer Johannes Schneider. After taking in further qualified lawyers, the practice today consists of ten lawyers, including eight who are “Fachanwältinnen und Fachanwälte für Familienrecht”, i.e. certified specialists in the field of Family Law and one who is “Fachanwalt für Erbrecht”, i.e. certified specialist in probate law.

Furthermore our team is supported by Mr. Dirk van Buiren, LL.M (Yale), former judge of Hamburg-Blankenese Family Court. As a very experienced family judge he is consulted in cases with special difficulties and extend.

All the lawyers in our office are convinced that a successful representation in matters concerning Family and Probate Law is based on the willingness to accompany each client personally through a legal conflict. This principle is put into practice by placing the individual situation of each client in the foreground regarding the legal regulations. In order to enable the client to benefit from the profoundest specialised knowledge possible, our office collaborates where necessary with a team of external experts such as auditors, chartered accountants and notaries. Careful observation and recording of current developments, for example, through mediation, also form part of our service to our clients. This includes participation in and organization of further education courses or events. Furthermore three of our partners are co-publishers and -authors of an extensive Family Law Manual. Moreover participation in the Deutscher Familiengerichtstag e.V. (German Family Court Convention), the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Familienrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein (Working Committee on Family Law in the German Lawyers’ Society) und Gesellschaft für Erbrecht e.V. (Society for Probate Law), we can assure that current developments in the law are taken into consideration in our daily work.